Evening Session

exploring data science and python

Automated Readout of Analog Gauges with OpenCV

Naive Apple Detection with OpenCV

Review Cards for Important Statistics Concepts

Coursera Deep Learning Specialization; thoughts and tips

Decision Theoretic Framework for Data Analysis

Shooting Method for Solving Differential Equations in Python

A Quickstart Example with TensorFlow in Jupyter

Treat Your Data Science Projects Like Open Source Packages

Simple App Workflow with Web2py + Pythonanywhere + Github

Friend-Recommender Engine with Neighorhood Methods

Building a boardgamegeek.com Data Set with Scraping and APIs in Python

Collaborative Filtering Recommender System with Sklearn Custom Estimator

Anomaly Detection in Scikit-Learn

Unsupervised Heavyweights: KMeans and PCA in Sklearn

The Simplest Markdown Resume Workflow

Spam Part II: Classifying with a Vectorization and SVM Pipeline

Spam Part I: NLP with re, nltk and BeautifulSoup

Regular Expressions in Python

Classification with SVMs and Grid Search

Python Iterators and Generators Disambiguated

Large Data Files with Pandas and SQLite

Learning Curves and Validation Curves in Scikit-Learn

Mean Average Precision (MAP) For Recommender Systems

Classification with Neural Nets Using MLPClassifier

Markov Chain Monte Carlo with PyMC

LogisticRegression vs. SGDClassifier

LinearRegression vs. SGDRegressor

Bash on Windows (!) with the Linux Subsystem

Scrabble Cheatsheet with Python

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